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Shane Smith & The Saints

Welcome to Shane Smith & The Saints Featuring L. A. Edwards

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Shane Smith & The Saints ‘Live From The Desert’ Poster

Shane Smith & The Saints Desert Tee

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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Shane Smith
Fiddle, Harmony Vocals – Bennett Brown
Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals – Dustin Schaeffer
Bass, Harmony Vocals – Chase Satterwhite
Drums – Zach Stover
Directors – Natalie Rhea, David Wells
Producer – Natalie Rhea
Director of Photography – David Wells
Camera Operator – Mike Kozlenko
Camera Operator – Ari Morales
Dolly Grip – Keaton Loudamy
Drone Operator – Greg Fulks
Production Assistant – Fallyn Gawlik
Editor – Natalie Rhea
Colorist – Chris Bourke
BTS Photographer – Andrew Quinn
Location Scout – Austin Alvarado
Location Manager – The Ivey Family
Sound Engineer – Colton King
Sound Engineer – Travis Neal
Sound Mixing – Ben O’Neil
Sound Mastering – Kevin Butler
Shane Smith & the Saints Crew:
Corey Dement, Ethan Holland, Andrew Quinn, Joe Norton
Thank you, Bitchin Sauce!