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Maybe Mars Records Presents Backspace & Run Run Run

About Backspace

Beijing’s Backspace engrosses on their sophomore release which takes the band’s paranoid-laced psych rock and turns it outwards, binding us together through our most primal feelings. Cultivating the beauty within the chaos and embedded with an all-embracing empathy of the actions of both the humans and creatures that roam our planet, the band strikes a chord that’s playful, invigorating, and filled with both wonder, urgency, and sly dissonance.


This episode contains three amazing songs’ live from Backspace’s new album Ants Corrupt Elephant, they are Flamingo Bridge, Six-eyed Dragonfly and Elephant Treasure. Backspace seems to have grown a lot since their debut album. In this episode, Backspace will lead you to the mysterious sub-tropic land full of unrealistic fantasy, of course, with their music.

About Run Run Run

Run Run Run was started in Guiyang, the southwest mountain land of China by Xiao Dou. Now all the four members of the band are based in Beijing. They fuse the vivid minimal chord odysseys, the psychedelic menace, and the jangly pop finesse (though only just enough for your head to breach water), implanting these ideas into the chilly mountains, humid jungles, and underground caves of southern China, where mellowed-out grooves and layers of freewheeling guitar dissonance can easily sweep you away.


This episode contains three lives from Run Run Run. There will be Dictated H and Electric Mountain from Run Run Run’s new self-titled album, and a brand new song Fake French. This time, Run Run Run wants to invite you to enjoy the relaxing time in rehearsal room with them, wondering in the universe with new ideas together.